How to Stop Smoking Effectively

How to Stop Smoking Effectively
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For some people, drinking and smoking usually become a bad habit packages. To be able to stop both of these habits at once can be a difficult thing. Recovering from bad habits should be a liberating experience. Stop consuming alcohol and tobacco at the same time means a sense of personal freedom and a deeper commitment to a life without addiction.
 1.   Look for the trigger. Use the book to record the times when you smoke or drink alcohol all day. Record feelings or circumstances that arise before you consume alcohol or tobacco. Avoid situations that can trigger this in the future.One trigger may quarrel with the family or problems at work.Alcohol and nicotine is a substance that has a very close correlation, therefore one may trigger the other. For example, if you start drinking, chances are you also want to smoke.
 2.   Set goals. Clarify whether you want to immediately stop or reduce consumption bit by bit. Although some people want to stop because of social or health reasons, others may want to stop for medical reasons or because of their addiction. Ponder what your reason, then set goals. If you are an alcoholic, it is better to stop alcohol completely rather than reduce the amount you consume little by little.
 3.   Get rid of all substances that can cause addiction at home. Throw away all cigarettes and pour all alcoholic beverages to sink. Ask other family members to support you with keeping the house free of alcohol and tobacco products so that you can avoid the temptation everyday.
 4.   Throw out everything that reminds you of smoking or drinking. Do not store your favorite lighters, flasks or drinks. The best way to maintain a lifestyle change massively like this is to get rid of all the things that remind you of the old habits continuously.
 5.   Avoid places that made the event of smoking and drinking. Being too close to a place that encourages patrons to smoke and drink can be dangerous when you are trying to quit. Avoid bars and other places that many found the use of alcohol and tobacco.
  6.   Stay away while people who smoke / drink regularly. If you are surrounded by people who have the behavior you want to avoid, you can be tempted. Explain to them that you're trying to get rid of these substances out of your life and do not want to get involved activities related to drinking or smoking. Make the distance with people who do not support your desire to be free of alcohol and tobacco.
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